About me

Tinne Thomsen

Private International Certified Lactation Consultant, IBCLC, RN, SD.

If you need assistance in general to successful breastfeeding or if you need assistance when the breastfeeding is more complicated.


I have worked with breastfeeding for many years, especially if breastfeeding is outside normal range.
I have great international breastfeeding experience, from the Far East, and  Africa as wells as in Denmark.

The international Certification means that the knowledge and experience is high international  standard, passed an exam in evidence knowledge. You are obliged to recertify your certification every 5 years. In that way you are  up to date with knowledge regarding breastfeeding and human lactation. As IBCLC you are following WHO code of ethics recommendations.

You can read more about IBCLC on the Danish associations certified lactation consultants www.daclc.dk;

Member of DACLC.dk;
Member of ILCA.org; international certification consultants association)
Member of DSR, (Danish nurses association)